The Initiate

Ferrari Bride
Ferrari Bride

The Initiate

The Magician who change the second world war history in Europe.

After World War I, TOMAS – a student attending med school in Germany – learns he is a member of an occult Lodge fighting to save the earth from being taken over by dark forces. Trained for twenty years to develop his psychic abilities, Tomas is given the ultimate mission of going undercover in Nazi Germany to stop the Nazi collaboration with these dark forces, who are working through a group called the DARK LODGE.

Using his relationship with HANS – a past acquaintance from Munich, now risen high in German society – Tomas has to demonstrate his powers to convince the Nazis of his potential value to them. In the process, Tomas reunites with ILSE, Hans’ sister, a woman that Tomas fell deeply in love with back in 1919.

Tomas’ efforts culminates in his victory at a special competition called the Exhibition where Tomas is the victor over competing sorcerers from all over the world.

Convinced of Tomas’ usefulness, Himmler sets up Tomas in a plush Berlin penthouse.

Only one step remains – to convince the dubious Hitler of Tomas’ superhuman abilities. In an extraordinary display, Tomas wins over Hitler, who now see Tomas as the secret weapon who can win the war for Germany.

Tomas’ first assignment is to psychically assassinate Winston Churchill from a distance. Knowing he can’t carry out such a nefarious operation, Tomas sabotages it at the last moment.

Undeterred, Himmler believes the near miss shows Tomas’ fantastic value to the cause. Taking Tomas to Castle Wewelsburg, Himmler’s occult stronghold, Himmler reveals his plan to use Tomas’ abilities to assassinate major world leaders and win World War II for the Nazis. If Tomas doesn’t cooperate, Ilse and GEBHARD – the son Tomas never knew they had – will be killed.

Tomas, however, tricks Himmler and escapes with a file of material that the Dark Lodge has been using to blackmail Hitler. Taking Ilse and Gebhard and the file, Tomas and the others escape to Switzerland where they are flown away by British intelligence agent IAN FLEMING.

In the effort, however, Tomas is captured and incarcerated in a prison camp . When the Russians invade the camp in 1945 Tomas is finally freed, saved by his son Gebhard now working as an RAF pilot.

Knowing that Hitler did not really die in the bunker but escaped to Argentina, Tomas – with Fleming’s help – attempts to eliminate the Fuhrer and capture Hans, who is the head of the reborn Nazi financial network.

In the climax, Hitler is killed and Tomas destroys the demon BELIAL who has been helping Hans and the Dark Lodge. Hans, however, gets away at the last moment to oversee the rebirth of the international Nazi power network – now centered in American industry and government.